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Aunty Magpie uses a variety of supplies and materials to construct and embellish her belts. Each belt is designed and built to provide

Comfort - Durability - Beauty


18 Hour Belt Base

Aunty has developed a design that is as comfortable after a full day of wearing as it is when you put it on. Her "18 Hour Belt" is noisy and heavy duty, yet light enough for serious wear. They are made with SCA members and Renaissance Faire participants in mind. Designed for all day wear and easily layered over a favorite hip wrap or tassel belt, the "eighteen hour" belt can be performed in, sat in, and lounged in - in comfort.
They are also perfect for a full day of shopping at dance festivals and can look stunning when worn with everyday clothing!



Tribal Jewelry Pieces

Aunty Magpie integrates lucious tribal jewelry pieces into her designs. These form dramatic focal points and add color and movement to her belts. Her selection of pieces varies and each is unique and come from India, Afghanistan, Arabia and accross North Africa.

If you own a beautiful piece that you adore and want to integrate it into a belt, Aunty is pleased to help. She can add your jewelry to a standard belt base or integrate it into a custom design. Contact her for details.


Aunty uses a vast selection of world coins in the design of her products. From her hoard, she carefully selects individual coins based on their size, imagery and patina. Every belt has a different selection of coins making each one a unique work of art.

If you have a collection of world coins that you want to transform into a belt, Aunty will be happy to turn your own hoard into a functional piece of wearable art.


Aunty uses heavy duty, high quality nickel plated steel chain in the design of swags and closures. She uses heavy duty clasps and sturdy brass jump rings during her construction process to ensure a long life span for her belts and accessories.


Bells add another dimension of sound, movement and shine to a belt. Aunty uses a bells of different sizes, shapes and metals to enhance the sounds

Aunty will also repair or augment existing coin belts. Here is a vintage Cost Less coin belt. Aunty added series of bells added to increase the amount of shine and jingle on this beautiful design.

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