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Coin belts are very durable, always in style and incredibly versatile.

 Aunty Magpie's Shining Hoard

Specializing in unique coin creations.

"A Hoard for Every Nest"


Aunty Magpie's Shining Hoard

Artist and designer specializing in garments and accessories for Middle Eastern dancers made of coins from around the world. Her belts are hand crafted from coins and are accentuated with tribal jewelry pieces, chain and bells. Each is a completely unique work of wearable art.

Coin belts add flash to fabric belts such as tassel belts or scarves, and are easy to layer. One belt can be used to accessorize tribal, cabaret, and gypsy costumes.


Ready Made or
Custom Belts

 Aunty Magpie takes her belts to dance events around Nevada and California. While she always has a selection of her unique belts available, she can work with you to develop a custom design from using coins from her own hoard or yours. Tribal jewelry can be integrated into her designs to create dramatic focal points, add color and shine and enhance the movement of the belt.




Aunty Magpie's
Bags of Hoarding

Dancers need bags to hold their business cards, zills and other important items while attending dance events. For situations where a purse just won't do but you need a little bag, Aunty has a solution for you!

Zill Bags

Shown Left:
Top - Business Card Holder
Bottom - Wallet on a Coin Chain


Magpies Tails

An easy alternative to braiding, the Magpie's Tail gives the illusion of a complex hair style with one easy accessory. Magpie's Tails feature metal beads on black cord with unique daggles, tassles and beads at the bottom.


Other Items

Other produccts that Aunty keeps stashed in her hoard includes belt bases, tassels, loose coins, punched coins and more. Visit the product page for more items, info and ideas.

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